Management Plans:


Boynton Woodlot Management Plan
Danby Woodlot Management Plan
Osgoode Woodlot Management Plan
Boyer Woodlot Management Plan



Archaeological Reports:


Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment of the Secondary Plan Area, Central Precinct

Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment of Portions of West, Steeles West and Southwest Precincts

Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment of The Secondary Plan Area, East Precinct


A fourth archaeology report, titled Stage 1 and 2 Archaeological Assessment of Part of York University, Portions of the West and Southwest Precincts, Part of Lots 22, 23 and 24, Concession 4 WYS, Geographic Township of York, County of York, now in the City of Toronto, was prepared by Archaeological Services Inc. in 2010. The assessment included in the report was carried out within a parcel of the West Precinct of York University through a standard archaeological survey as discussed within the associated three reports. Three historical archaeological sites, the Hoover Homestead site (AkGv-310), the Maloca Gardens site (AkGv-311) and the Boynton II site (AkGv-312) were encountered within this portion of the West Precinct. All archaeological sites in Ontario are protected under the Ontario Heritage Act (R.S.O. 1990) and their exact location cannot be published in any open venue. Therefore, this report could not be included within this website. To access any information regarding the archaeology within this portion of the West Precinct of York University of the above titled report, please contact Archaeological Services Inc. through



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