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YUDC Governance 

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of York University, YUDC's Board of Directors comprises members of the University's administration, and prominent private sector business leaders who are presently serving or have served on the York University Board of Governors. On June 1, 2019, Gary Brewer became the new president of YUDC.

YUDC Board of Directors as of June 10, 2019:

Marshall Cohen: Chair and Independent Director of YUDC 
Paul Tsaparis: Chair Board of Governors, York University

Randy Williamson: Independent Director, York University

Tim Price: Independent Director of YUDC

Dr. Rhonda Lenton: President and Vice Chancellor, York University 
Carol McAulay: Vice-President Finance and Administration, York University 
Christine Silversides: General Counsel,
York University

Gary Brewer: President, YUDC 




 YUDC Team

The team of experienced real estate development professionals at YUDC: 
• provides strategic real estate advice on how the Edge Precinct Lands should be developed; 
• leads the negotiation of all levels of planning and municipal approvals required by the University; 
• identifies and interacts with the private and public sector players required to put together deals; 
• leads closing of the commercial transaction; and, 
• provides owner’s project management oversight to ensure 3rd party agreement compliance with University requirements.

YUDC is comprised of: 
• A President;

• A Director of Transportation & Master Planning

• A Director of Finance & Administration;

• A Senior Manager, Development and Community     Planning

• A Senior Manager, Analysis and Transactions

• An Operations Manager for York Lanes;

• A Project Director; and,

• An Associate Planner.

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