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In close collaboration with key York University staff, YUDC prepared a high-quality bid document that articulated the University’s vision for a new campus in Markham, Ontario

York University’s bid submission responded to the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ announcement of a Major Capacity Expansion Framework RFP in March, 2014 that was aimed at securing a new university campus in an underserved area of the province. York University asked YUDC to coordinate the preparation of a ‘bid book’ to encapsulate its vision, the merits and viability of creating a satellite campus of York University at an appropriate location in York Region.


YUDC quickly retained a multi-disciplinary team of talented consultants to support the University in this initiative and kicked off its own competitive process to confirm the York Region municipality and location that best aligned with the York’s vision for the new campus. After a rigorous three month process, the City of Markham was selected as the partner municipality, with the preferred site identified in its emerging new downtown – Markham Centre. By the submission deadline of September 26, 2015, the YUDC team had produced a polished bid book entitled York in York. The document clearly articulates how a compact urban campus in an emerging downtown not only aligns with Ontario’s growth plan and transportation policy objectives, but also how it would leverage existing and planned public investment in the surrounding area and benefit from private sector partnerships in a manner deserving of provincial funding support.


YUDC worked closely with York’s academic leadership throughout the preparation of the bid to ensure that the academic program proposed for the new campus would both uphold York’s academic mission and support the employment and business needs of York Region. YUDC engaged with York Region planning authorities, politicians, business leaders and landowners/developers to build support and partnerships for the new campus that will provide additional value for future students and the community as a whole.


York University’s submission benefitted from YUDC’s substantial experience in real estate transactions, successful RFP history, creative public-private partnerships and its network of relationships. From the Ontario Archives project and The Quad Student Housing Community, to ongoing work with the TTC and Infrastructure Ontario, YUDC’s experience, skills and industry relationships enhanced the quality, credence and attractiveness of York’s proposal.


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