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The Lands for Learning Studio


The Lands for Learning studio was located in York Lanes. The studio had visuals illustrating the context of the work (e.g. TTC subway extension, design framework for the north side of Steeles, Secondary Plan direction, Academic Core Master Plan, development precedents) and a 3D physical model of the Keele Campus – the academic core and the surrounding Lands for Learning.

While the Studio was in operation from November 2013 - February 2014,YorkU community members dropped by to talk to members of our team about opportunities for the lands outside of the Academic Core. The studio welcomed students, faculty and staff to learn more about the planning process, to share their ideas for the Lands for Learning and to illustrate their vision on the campus model. 


We asked the community to share their ideas on the Lands for Learning by answering these questions:


  • What type of housing is required?

  • What kind of businesses should locate around the University?

  • What shops and services are required and where should they be located?

  • What should the buildings look like?

  • Where are the most important pedestrian connections?

  • Where should cycling routes be located?

  • How should the new mixed-use neighbourhoods be integrated with the Academic Core?

  • What are good models for development?


Common themes from the conversations revealed the importance of: 


1. mixed-use neighbourhoods

2. amenities, shops and services nearby

3. safety

4. walking, cycling and transit

5. sense of community

6. places to work





Have your say:


We welcome any and all written feedback, comments, questions and ideas about the Lands for Learning.


Please complete the form and we will respond as soon as possible.


Thank you.


PHASE 2: Confirm What's Important


With completion of Phase 1 of Lands for Learning, Phase 2 was the time to Confirm What’s Important.



In April 2014, we focused on ensuring that the information collected during Phase 1 was correct and accurately represented the views of the York U community. This was achieved by conversing with students, faculty and staff in-person and online to gather feedback. 


Lands for Learning Ambassadors set up around campus throughout April to hear more about the community's vision. ​​



You can read the full summary of Phase 1: What We Heard here.

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