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1. Why does York University need to plan the lands outside of the Academic Core?


As a responsible owner of hundreds of acres of land, York is ensuring that plans are in place to direct the best form and character of development that will complement the Academic Core.


2. When will the lands be developed?


The new subway stations will open in 2017. York will be ready to accommodate interest that may follow the new high order transit service. Development will likely occur over a 25 year period.


3. Who will develop the lands?


Developers selected by the University through an open and transparent process.


4. How will the input be used?


It’s important to know the community’s thoughts about the best form and character of development in the Lands for Learning. Input received will be carefully reviewed and common themes will be shared with the team of planners, urban designers, landscape architects and engineers retained to prepare Precinct Plans for the lands outside of the Academic Core.


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